Kitsap County Bar Association

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Meeting Schedule

  Meetings are generally held on the 1st Friday of the month.   Meetings begin at 12:00 noon and are
  currently held at: McCormick Woods.


2017 Kitsap County Bar Association Officers and Directors

President -  Thomas Weaver, 360-792-9345; Vice President - Chad Enright, 360-337-7174; 
Secretary -  Neil Wachter, 360-479-3000; Treasurer -  Lynn Fleischbein - 360-692-4000, 
Trustee -  Ron Richmond, 360-692-7200; Trustee - Phil Havers, 360-337-4040;
Trustee - Sheila Newman, 360-337-7015; Trustee - Piper Thornburgh, 260-866-6138;
Trustee: Young Lawyers - Todd Yelish, 360-876-9900;

Kitsap County Bar Association Committees

Superior Court Civil Practice & Procedure
  Chair -
Superior Court Criminal Practice & Procedure
  Chair -

District/Municipal Court Civil Practice & Procedure 

Chair -

District/Municipal Court Criminal Practice & Procedure
  Chair -
Juvenile Court Criminal Practice & Procedure
  Chair -
Family Law Practice & Procedure
  Chair -
Social Committee
  Chair -
  Chair -
Kitsap County Attorney List NALS of Kitsap County
 . . . providing opportunities for education, certification, networking and leadership to legal support professionals
Kitsap County Superior Court  Washington State Courts
Kitsap County District Court Washington State Bar Association

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