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March 12, 2019

 @ 6:00 pm

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Kitsap County Bar Association





Please contact any of our officers to offer suggestions or comments regarding this association.  We always need suggestions for meeting and seminar topics, speakers, fund raising ideas, etc.  The association functions at its best when all of our members contribute.  


2017-2018  Kitsap County Chapter Officers


Terre Skelly

Phone: 1-360-307-8860

Email: terre@rsulaw.com

Vice President:
(Membership Chair)

Marina A. Baker


Email:  marina.baker1984@gmail.com


Nancy Thayer

Phone:  1-360-509-0212

Email: thayer@carneylaw.com 


Terre Skelly                                           

Phone: 1-360-307-8860

Email:  terre@rsulaw.com


Mary Carter                                        

Phone:1- 360- 874-0703

Email: Mary@davidgateslaw.com

       WA State Board of Directors - NALS of Washington

President:   Dara Tremblay, PP, PLS  Email:   dwtremblay@yahoo.com
President Elect:  Michelle F. King, PP, PLS, RLA      Email: michelleking@dwt.com
Immediate Past President:  Kristin Larkin, PLS  Email: K-Larkin@gth-law.com
Secretary:  Caressa Dunn  Email:  CaressaLyric@gmail.com
Treasurer:  Kristin Larkin, PLS  Email: K-Larkin@gth-law.com
Certification Director: Jo Yantz, PP, PLS  Email:  jyantz@bpmlaw.com
Education Director: Amy Jean Shackleford, PP, PLS  Email: Amy@ledgersquarelaw.com
Marketing Director:  Nancy Thayer  Email:  thayerWcarneylaw.com
Membership Director:  Brandy Bewley, PP, PLS, RP  Email: brandybewley@gmail.com
Publication Director: Michelle King, PP, PLS, RLA  Email: michelleking@dwt.com
Technology Director:  Michelle King, PP, PLS, RLA  Email: michelleking@dwt.com
State Meetings Coordinator:  Sam Schmidt, PP, PLS  Email:  sam.schmit89@gmail.com